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15 Best Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

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Most 9 year old boys are at an age where they are either in the last half or third grade or starting 4th grade. While this age group may be just a step or two away from entering middle school, they still very much enjoy playing with their friends or alone and needing to burn off excess energy.

While many kids this age are into computer games and would spend all day in front of a console the best gifts for kids this age are those that get them outside playing or encourages them to use their imagination.

We have carefully chosen the toys on this gift list purely because we feel these toys are the very best at developing the physical skills and imagination of 9 year old boys while having that fun factor they love. Every gift on this list has received high ratings in reviews, so you know they have been tested and approved by kids from all across the country.

We have divided the gifts in this guide into three major sections.

The first section is the  best toys section for those who are looking to purchase fun gifts for that young boy.

The second section is the top non-toy gift ideas for those of you who want to purchase a more practical gift for a 9 year old boys.

Lastly, the final section include alternative gifts for those that are looking for stuff for a nine year old boy who has everything.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Stuff for 9 Year Old Boys

  • If you do decide to purchase one of those electronic game systems for children this age make sure to balance it with toys that encourage them to be more active.
  • Choose gifts that encourage your child physically, mentally, and imaginatively.
  • Gifts that allow your child to explore the world around them will help them to start asking more questions and be interested in finding the answers.
  • As always allow your child’s interest to guide you

10 Super Cool Toys for 9 Year Old Boys

1. A Pair of Stilts

A Set of Stilts  are a fun outdoor toy most children love at some point or another. A great gift for any young man on your shopping and list and perfect for helping them develop balance and burning off some of their excess energy.

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2. Disgusting And Gross Science Kit

If you are looking to get your child interested in science then this fun Science Experiment Kit  will make a great gift for a child of this age. Your child will be learning by doing as they follow the experiment guide and make zombie farts, boggers, and even some slimy blood. As a parent you may find that these experiments are a little on the gross and childish side, but keep in mind that is exactly what makes these experiments appealing to children and they will be learning as they complete each of these experiments.

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3. Perplexus Epic

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This No products found. is an exciting gift for any child. With 125 barriers to get the ball passed this 3D maze will help your child improve their concentration and determination while providing a fun way for them to challenge themselves and their friends.

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4. Telescope

If you are looking for the perfect gift to stimulate a 9 year olds mind and fire their imagination then this Lunar Nasa Telescope  will make a terrific gift. It is fairly easy to use and comes with clear instructions. Not only will this telescope give your child a good view of the moon and it’s craters it can also be used to observe wildlife at a distance.

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5. Anki Cozmo Robot

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With robotics being the wave of the future, the No products found. is a fun toy for introducing your child to robotic and simple coding. This robot is fun to play with and will play games and does more than you might think. He is pretty cute too and reviewers suggest he’s has a personality of his own.

However, you do need to have a compatible iOs or Android device to use with this little robot.

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6. Magic Set

Most kids love magic and being able to perform some magic tricks on their own is a great way for them to make new friends and to help them learn to talk and perform in front of groups of people. With 100 tricks in this Large Magic Set , the 9 year old boy in your life will be able to return to this set to return more and more tricks as his talent improves.

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7. Dragon Kite

Kites are fun for all ages and this Easy To Fly Dragon Kite  is colorful and makes a good gift especially for Easter or a spring or summer birthday where the child will be able to use the kite fairly soon after receiving it. Since 9 year olds are not known for their patience, waiting from Christmas until the weather warms enough to fly kites may be a little more than any child wants to endure.

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8. Flickin Chicken Game

Flickin Chicken  is a fun game with simple rules and also easy to make up rules of your own allowing you to play in a variety of different ways. For some reason throwing chickens that bounce all over the place is great fun for both kids and adults so your child won’t have any difficulty getting others to play with them.

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9. Soccer Goals and Ball

Whether your son plays soccer on a team, or just enjoys playing this game in the backyard with friends getting them a Set of Soccer Goals  and Soccer Ball  can turn your backyard into a neighborhood playground. This goal set also comes with a carrying bag so your child can take the soccer game to a friends house, the park or the beach to play with family and friends.

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10. Lego Yoda Model

If your child is a Stars Wars fan then they will love this Lego Yoda Model  to build and display. Since this Yoda comes with movable parts this model is even more fun young boys who love building with Yoda.

This building set will help your child practice following directions and problem solving skills while providing them with hours of fun.

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5 Good Non-Toy Options for 9 Year Old Boys

1. Harry Potter Book Set

The Harry Potter Books Set  has fueled the imagination of thousands of children, and this beautiful illustrated set of the first 3 books in the series will encourage even the most reluctant young reader to immerse themselves into a world of magic and fantasy.

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2. Pajamas

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A No products found. for a young boy to sleep in makes a great gift for any boy. They also are great for relaxing at home after bath time before going to bed. These Pajamagram Christmas pajamas will make the holidays even more special.

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3. Hat, Scarf and Glove Set

9 Year old boys still spend a good deal of time outdoors during school and at home so you want them to stay warm during those winter months and having a Warm Hat, Scarf and Pair of Gloves  to go along with a new Winter Coat and Snow Pants can provide the young man in your life with the added warm they need when playing outdoors.

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4. Craftsman 8 Piece Tool Set

A lot of 9-year-olds show an interest in making things from wood, such as bird houses, forts, and even their own designed toys. This 8 Piece Tool Set  has a tape measure, wrench, screw drivers, hammers, scissors and safety glasses that are real working tools made for smaller size hands will be a great gift for that little builder you know. The set even comes with its own tool bag so everything can be kept neatly together.

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5. Compartmental Lunch Box

Many kids either don’t enjoy school lunches or go away from lunch still feeling hungry, so being able to take their own healthy lunch to school is a great gift to give. Meaning this Compartmental Lunch Box  is an awesome non toy gift idea. Even for days at the beach or in the park it makes a great gift for many young boys who are active and constantly hungry. Parents will like the fact that they can add fruit and raw vegetables to a sandwich or main dish to give their child a more balanced meal.

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What Are Unique Gifts for a 9 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

Some parents choose not to spoil their children with too many toys and “things.” So if you are in this situation we thought you might like some alternative gift ideas for children of this age.

Hands on Science Museum – Kids at this age are really curious and love trying things out for themselves, so why not take them to a hands on science museum where the child has an opportunity of exploring various things such as robots, conducting simple experiments and even experiencing a wind tunnel or other fun things.

Take Them Go Karting – Taking a young boy somewhere they can have an afternoon of go karting may supply them with a fun activity that they will remember for a long time. The experience will be more fun, if you engage in the activity with the child as they will get more enjoyment out of seeing the child of you come out.

Consider Making the Child A Once A Month Activity Jar – If you have the time to spend with a child on a gift list at least one day a month, then consider making them an activity jar where you will do a specified activity with the child on a certain day each month. Activities can include such fun activities as sledding, a building project, backyard camping, exploring a ghost town, whatever happens to be within your ability to do with the child than may interest them. Activity jars are a great gift that the child can enjoy for the entire year.

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It is our sincere hope that this guide to the best toys and gifts for 9 year old boys will make your shopping experience simpler and easier for you to find the right gift for the boy on your shopping list.


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