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15 Best Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls  

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9 year old girls are kind of in a twilight zone of childhood. Some girls this age still enjoy playing with dolls and enjoy the other activities that they did when they were younger, while others are torn between wanting to play with familiar toys and wanting to do or have the things that tweens and teens like. We have carefully chosen high rated toys that will be appealing to all girls this age regardless of their interests.


To make this toy and gift guide simpler and easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for, we have divided this guide into 4 different sections. The first section is just a few tips on choosing gifts for 9 year old girls. The second section is our list of the best toys for 9 year girls, the third section is the some great non-toys gift ideas for young girls and the last section is alternative gift ideas for the 9 year olds who have everything.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Good Stuff for 9 Year Old Girls

  • Many parents worry that a nine year old is too old to still play with dolls. This is simply not the case as some girls play with dolls for another 3 or 4 years on occasion. However, by the age of 9 your daughter likely already has their own favorite dolls, so unless they ask for a specific doll, your better off purchasing accessories for the dolls your child already has.
  • Girls this age still enjoy active play and spending time with friends, however they also are increasingly interested in exploring the world and their creativity, so try to choose a range of gifts that will stimulate your child physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • As always pay close attention to your individual child’s interests and when they actually express their wants to you.

10 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girls

1. Flying Lighted Ball

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This No products found. is a great introduction to drones for 9 yr old girls. The LED colorful lights make this ball more fun and exciting to fly for any child or even adult. While parental supervision is suggested when a child is using this flying ball, it is a great way to get that young girl outside and moving when playing alone.


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2. Melt and Mold Jewelry Kit

Melt and Mold  is a great jewelry kit for children who are creative since this kit not only allows children to mold their own jewelry charms, but then turn those charms into the sets or beads for necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Girls will enjoy making jewelry for themselves, their siblings and their friends.

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3. Molkky

Looking for a great outdoor game for that young lady in your like. Molkky  is a great game for your child to practice their own or play with family and friends. This game is also portable so you can take it to the park or on those camping trips to keep both kids and adults entertained.

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4. Nail Art Studio

This is the age when some girls want to be more like their older sisters and girls they see around school or in the neighborhood so this Nail Art Studio  is a good way to introduce young girls to doing their nails. These non-toxic stickers and pens are perfect for any young girl who wants to experiment with decorating their finger and toe nails. Don’t be surprised if they want to do your nails as well!

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5. Snowman Decorating Kit

Making snow men seems to be a right of passage for children who live in areas that get a lot of snowfall during the winter so why not give some young girl this Snowman Decorating Kit  so they make their ideal snowman. Plus at the price of this kit, you can even purchase two so the young lady can make a pair of cute snowmen whenever it snows.

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6. Hey Clay Birds

Girls aged 9 often love making small items for their rooms and also enjoy learning how to do new things. This Hey Clay Birds Kit  will give the girl on your shopping list the opportunity to learn some of the same skills that professionals learn while having a great time making 6 different species of birds. Your child does need to download a free app and use a promo code that comes with the kit so they can gain access to the 3D interactive directions that shows the child step by step how to create each bird.

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7. Ninja Line

Young girls enjoy being active and testing their strength and this Ninja Line Made by Slack Line  will make a gift for any active young girl on your shopping list. You do need to have two sturdy in the ground posts or trees about 30 feet apart to string the line. You want to string the line high enough off the ground to be challenging without causing your child to get seriously hurt should they fall. The line comes with 3 rope knows, two wooden bars and 2 rings. There is also additional space to add a robe climb, a rope ladder and other challenges. Best of all it holds up to 200 pounds so your child will be able to use this line for years to come.

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8. BattleShip

If you are looking for a great game for any upper elementary child then the Battleship Game  is a great board game that requires only two people. This game is easy to set up and easy to play and is a perfect game for a child to play with a friend or parent. You simply see who can sink the other person’s 5 battleships first.

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9. Rock Painting Kit

A Rock Painting Kit  is great fun for any child and adult and makes a great Christmas or birthday gift. Your child will be able to be as creative as they want and the painted rocks can be used in planters, small garden areas or displayed in your child’s rooms.

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10. Boogie Board Writing Tablet

This LCD Tablet with Stylus  is perfect for any young girl who loves to doodle. It is perfect for practicing printing skills, spelling words, or simply for drawing when bored. In addition, this is an easy take along for long car rides or waiting for your appointment in a doctors office. It is incredibly useful and fun and versatile to be used for whatever a young girl wants to use it for.

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5 Great Non-Toy Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

1. The Borrows Book Set

The Borrows Book Series  has been a beloved story for over 70 years and this story of these little people and their adventures is one of the best gifts you can give to any child in your life. Not only will books stimulate a young girls imagination, but it also will help them improve their reading skills, and may start them on the path of a life long hobby that will bring them a good deal of pleasure.

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2. A Cute Romper

A perfect gift for a spring or summer birthday a Cute Romper by Truly  me will make any young lady feel pretty and provide them with an outfit that allows them to play and be as active as they would like while still being comfortable. Perfect or any girl who is active this romper makes a great gift for those warmer months.

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3. Headbands

Girl’s this age are quite active so keeping their hair neat and out of their eyes while they play, read, or do school work can sometimes be a challenge. A headband will help keep both long and short hair out of any girl’s eyes and will allow them to concentrate on more important things. Best of all these Headbands  are inexpensive enough that you can wrap three or four together to make a nice gift that will go with a variety of outfits.

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4. Pajamas

A Great Pair of Pajamas  makes for a gift for any young girl will like regardless of her age. Pajamas help children sleep more comfortably and are also perfect for those lazy weekend mornings or relaxing after their night time bath before bed. What is more important is that pajamas are a must for those sleepover parties kids this age love.

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5. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets  have been proven to help children sleep better making them feel safe and though they are wrapped in a hug. Having a weighted blanket can help your child get a better night’s sleep which will help them perform better in school and less moody.

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What Are Good Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

There may be times when that young girl on the shopping list has so many things all ready that another item simply may not be met with any enthusiasm. In cases like these you may be wondering what to get a child who already has everything they want or they need. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

Introduce her to the arts. Why not take that young girl to see a ballet performance, hear a symphony, or an art exhibit? Introducing a child this age to the arts is a great gift as they will be introduced to a whole new world of experiences.

Pay for Dance Classes. Dance classes will help a young girl develop muscles, improve their balance and their posture and teach them some discipline while providing them with a hobby they may enjoy. Best of all there are a variety of different types of dancing they can learn including ballet, jazz, tap and modern dancing.

Provide them with an Adventure experience. Almost every area has a place for adventure such as spending a few hours on a pirate ship, visiting a living history museum, or wilderness exploring. All of these can be fun experiences and make a great gift for young girls, especially if they can invite a friend along to share the whole day with.

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