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16 Best Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls    

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8 year old girls are filled with energy. They seem to do everything quickly and tend to run, jump, skip, and hop more than walk. They are more cognitively aware than they were just a year ago and are beginning to expand their boundaries and show a real interest in their world. Finding the best gifts for girls of this age is worth the time and effort when you see the look of surprise and wonder in their eyes.


We carefully choose the best gifts for 8 year girls based on a wide range of interests and high ratings from people who actually purchased these gifts for their own children or grandchildren.

We have divided the gifts in this gift guide into three sections to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. In the first section we are listing the best toys for 8 yr old girls. In the second section we have included the top non-toy gift ideas for girls of this age, and the third section we’ve included some alternative and even more unique gift ideas for young girls who seem to have everything.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Stuff for 8 Year Old Girls

  • When choosing gifts for girls of aged 8, look for gifts that will be stimulating physically, mentally, and creatively and capable of holding the child’s this age constantly shifting attention.
  • Listen to your child and note the things they seem interested in and want to know about. They may speak about toys that classmates have they really like, or something they learned in school that really caught their interest.
  • Remember that open end play is still essential to children at this age, so try and find some simple toys that allows your child to use their imagination.

11 Exciting & Unique Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

1. Disney Princess Nail Polish

From a very young age girls are drawn to brightly colored painted nails and want to have their own nails painted and the Townley Girl Disney Nail Polishes  are non-toxic and water based and easy to peel off. It is also bubble gum scented. With a choice of 15 different colors to choose from, girls this age will have a field day painting their finger and toe nails.


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2. Stilts

A Set of Stilts  are a fun toy for young girls and allows them to work on their balance and develop new skills. You will be pleased to watch as your child starts out struggling to balance on the stilts, then walking and in many cases even running on using these fun devices. As your child’s skill grows, so will their confidence.

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3. Window Art Kit

8 year girls love being creative and still like to color and paint when looking to entertain themselves, and this Window Art Kit  is the perfect gift to allow children to express themselves creatively and they will have the added enjoyment of making decorations for their bedroom windows or the kitchen windows of their home.

With 12 suncatcher shapes this kit should provide any child with hours of entertainment.

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4. Jump Rope

Jump ropes seem like an integral part of childhood that provides children with exercise and a good deal of fun. This Adjustable Jump Rope  comes with a booklet that includes 19 jump rope games and also a booklet of rhymes that can be used while jumping rope. We like that this rope is easily adjustable making it easy to size right for your child. Best of all a jump rope offers a child a way to entertain themselves or to play with others as well.

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5. LaNewborn Doll

Little 8 year old girls love playing house and being mother to a this Realistic Newborn Baby by JC Toys  will provide any young girl with hours of imaginative play. Choose between a newborn boy or girl. Each baby comes with an outfit and a blanket.

If you want to add to this gift, check out local thrift stores for preemie outfits so that your little girl has a variety of clothing for their new baby.

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6. Magnetic Building Blocks

No products found.

This No products found. makes a great gift and is perfect for allowing your child to express their creativity through open play. The type of items they can build each time they play with these blocks are limited only by their imagination. The bright colors of these blocks will give a stain glass window effect to the construction if it is built in the sunlight.

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7. Pom Pom Puppies Kit

What young girl doesn’t love puppies and now you can gift the little girl on your shopping list with the ability to Create Her Own Pom Pom Puppies . There are 9 different breeds of puppies your child can create; a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, pug, Beagle, Scottie, Border Collie, Yorkie, Miniature Pincher and Dalmation.

There is an instruction book and all the materials needed to create the different puppies. Once completed these little puppies can be put on display with pride.

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8. Shake and Make Words

This Shake and Make Words Game  is a great gift for any second grader since it allows them to practice both reading and spelling while having fun. Best of all this game can be played by your child alone or can be played by several people seeing who can make the most words.

This little game makes a great stocking stuffer or fits easily into an Easter basket.

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9. Crazy Forts

What little girl wouldn’t enjoy making their own playhouse, castle, or even pirate ship. This Crazy Fort Building Kit  has everything needed to build the perfect outline. Cover it with an old sheet and your child has a fun tent like structure to play in. The connectors make this fort building kit easy to put together and quite sturdy. Best of all it can be inside or out.

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10. Flarts

The Flarts Game  is a fun game that can be played inside or out and makes a great gift for any eight year old who wants to play with friends. There are stakes to stake down the target and the bowling pin type flarts just need to be inflated to be ready to play. It is a fun game that can be played in the backyard, the park, at the beach or when camping.

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11. Gemstone Dig Kit

If you are looking for a great way to encourage the young girl in your life to take an interest in science then this National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit  is a great gift for any young child. With 15 gems to dig out your child will have a great time and be able to start their own stone collection with some very special samples.

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5 Great Non-Toy Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

1. Animal Paw Slippers

These Cute, Fun and Warm Slippers  makes a great gift, especially for winter when floors tend to be colder. Perfect for keeping little feet warm whether indoors or out, these cute little slippers are sure to be a hit with any young girl on your shopping list.

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2. Cute Little Outfit

Girls of this age grow at least 2.5 inches a year so clothing always makes an excellent non-toy gift that is sure to be of use. If you are purchasing an outfit for the fall or winter months, choose something warm and that will cover the legs. This Cute Little Outfit  gives you several choices so that you purchase one or two cute complete outfits for the young girl on your shopping list.

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3. Soprano Recorder

If you want to give a young child the gift of music a Soprano Recorder  is a good starting instrument for a young child. It is suggested that you may want to include a few music lessons with a skilled teacher and a beginning music book so the child get off to a good start to help hold their interest.

This soprano recorder comes with a pouch and a cleaning stick.

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4. Set of Age Appropriate Books

This Emily Windsnap's Tails of Land and Sea Book  contains 6 stories that are age appropriate for 3rd graders. Encouraging children to read while they are young will make them better readers and provide them with a hobby they can enjoy throughout their lives.

This book is interesting enough to keep your child’s attention and will teach your child new vocabulary in the process.

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5. Snowsuit

No products found.

Although this snowsuit does not yet have any reviews the description of this No products found. indicated that it is a warm and comfortable. This snowsuit comes with snow pants a jacket and a soft scarf and is perfect for sledding, skating or simply playing in the snow.

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What Do You Get The 8 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

Whether you are looking for a gift for a child who seems to have everything, or simply are getting plenty of gifts that they can use immediately you may think you need a few alternative ideas for gifts. Here are some suggestions that may help you find that just right gift.

Think A Season Ahead. If you are purchasing a Christmas gift then consider choosing a gift that the child can use during the spring or summer. Beach or pool toys, summer outfits etc. If purchasing clothes for the upcoming months consider going a size up to ensure that that clothing will fit the child when the actual season arrives.

Encourage Them To Save Money. Another great alternative gift is to encourage the child to start saving money for the future. One good way of doing this is to purchase a See Through Piggy Bank  and put the first few dollars worth of money in it. Then tell the child once they fill the bank, you’ll help them to open a savings account and pay for them to engage in an activity they will enjoy.

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It is our hope that this gift guide for 8 year old girls will help you to choose you the right gift for the young lady on your shopping list or at least inspire you to come up with a great gift on your own



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