Alice Affini

Alice Affini is 67 years old and with a large family she has been buying gifts for decades for nearly every age you can imagine. She has years of experience gifting as a new mom, spouse, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, great aunt, surrogate parent and friend.

Her gifting experience ranges from friends to family such as her husband, now adult children through the years as she raised them, many grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings and even in-laws just to name a few. Gift giving is a big deal in Alice’s family and she truly enjoys helping people find just the right gift for their family members and friends.

With her vast experience in gifting and a background in public speaking, English and interpersonal communications she has been crafting elegant gift guides for nearly a decade on topics from childrens toys, to baby stuff to wedding and anniversary gifts. Alice has written hundreds of gift guides on nearly anything you can imagine.

With her gifting experience in mind you can be certain that Alice has provided some awesome gift ideas in the lists she has authored.

Alice had the following to say after accepting the position to writing all of the gift guides for this site:

“Helping people find just the right gift for their family members and friends is something that I enjoy doing and feel is helpful for those people who are having difficulty come up with ideas for certain people. I don’t just copy off other gift giving lists, but rather talk to family members, friends, and even acquaintances to discover what people really want.

I was very proud when I was asked to contribute gift lists and guides to this site, because I know there is a huge need for real gift sites that are actually dedicated to helping people find good gifts rather than just making money off of them!”

As site owners my wife and I are super excited to have Alice on board and the writer for all of our gift guides. We truly hope it helps you in your gift giving no matter thee occasion or who you’re buying for.

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