15 Best Toys and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

Image of a 11 Year Old Girl Outside Smiling

Most 11 year old girls are in the midst of transitioning from being a child to becoming a teenager. This means that they are at an age when they enjoy exploring their creativity, fashion, and the use of make-up while still enjoying spending time with friends in active activities and … Read full article

15 Best Toys and Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

Image of an 11 Year Old Boy with a Robot toy and computer

Most 11 year old boys love toys and activities that are cool or new and hold their attention. They love playing outdoors with their friends and also like indoor activities that are both fun and challenging. We have spent hours reviewing and picking out the very best toys and gifts … Read full article

15 Best Toys and Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

image of 12 year old boy Relaxing in his Bedroom

While all children mature at different rates, for many 12 year old boys this age seems to mark the end of true childhood, where toys, and games are still the most sought after objects kids this age want to own. So our list of the best toys and gifts for … Read full article

15 Best Toys and Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

image of a 12 year old girl with a backpack

12 years old girls are often an enigma to themselves and those around them. One moment they are trying on every dress and skirt in their closet begging to be able to start wearing makeup and the next moment they are dressed in old jeans and an oversized T-shirt playing … Read full article

11 Best Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Girls in 2024

image of 18 year old girls using their cameras to take a picutre

Turning 18 is an exciting and uncertain time for most young women. They are either on the verge of graduating high school or have already graduated and now are in college, working or looking for work, or may be in some type of job training. Most 18 yr old girls … Read full article

10 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys: Age Seventeen

Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys

Poised on the verge of young adulthood, most seventeen year old boys have started their senior year of high school and are constantly vacillating between fully embracing and enjoying their last year of high school with friends they have known most of their lives and planning for their future. Choosing … Read full article

11 Best Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boys

16 Year Old Boys playing video games

Most 16 year olds are either in the last half of their sophomore year or are already into their junior year of high school. At this age boys are beginning to become much more responsible, often taking on a summer or after school job, getting their driver’s license and thinking … Read full article

10 Best Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Girls

Image of a group of 15 Year Old Girls

Most fifteen year old girls are at a stage where they somewhat obsessed with their appearance. They spend a lot of time experimenting with dress and make-up and often engage in creative hobbies. They enjoy spending time with friends and want to fit in with their peers. The best gifts … Read full article

10 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Image of 2 14 year old boys hanging out outside smiling for the camera

You’re son is growing up. You wake up one morning and suddenly find you are living with a 14 year old boy that is beginning high school and starting to look like a grown man more than a boy. However you need to remember that at this age boys are … Read full article

10 Best Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Boys

Image of teen boys posing for a selfie

By the time most boys reach the age of 15 they have already navigated their first year of high school, and have gained a bit of maturity and more self-confidence. By this age young men are becoming more interested in grooming, in dress, and in girls. They also enjoy a … Read full article

10 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girls

Image of a 14 Year Old Girl

By the time most girls reach the age of 14 they are just starting their freshman year of high school. The change from middle school to high school is an important one since most girls are now at the stage where they want to blend and fit in with other … Read full article

11 Best Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

Image of 13 Year Old Girls

By the time girls reach the age of 13 most of them have developed an interest in boys, make-up and cool clothing. They are at an age when they are just discovering their feminine side, developing their own interests, and wanting to have fun with friends. Before we get into … Read full article

10 Best Gifts Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys 

Image of 13 Year Old Boys

Finding the right gift for a 13 year old boy can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Boys this age tend to want to be cool and enjoy activities they can do with their friends as well as needing time to pursue their own individual interests. Before getting into the … Read full article

10 Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Ride on Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are most often considered to be any child from the age of about 1 to 3 years, although some sources still consider 4 year olds to be toddlers as well. For the purpose of this list we are going to stick with ages from 1 to 3, so all … Read full article

Magic Pad Review: A Deluxe Light Up Tracing Pad

magicPad Deluxe Kit

If you’ve been interested in the Magic Pad As Seen On TV, you may want to check out our detailed review of the product below. We’ve researched this item and gathered all of the information to help you discover more about its features and benefits. Children can keep themselves engaged … Read full article

Magic Tracks Review: Fun Light Up Race Car Track

magic tracks extreme

Have you seen Magic Tracks Race Tracks Sets reviews and commercials and become interested in what they are? If so, you’re in the right place since we’ve put together a review that covers what they are, all of the details surrounding the brand behind them, as well as the common questions … Read full article

All About Official Baby Yoda Merchandise

There have been over 2 million tweets about this little being and countless Internet searches. It has been deemed the cutest baby ever, but what in the world is a Baby Yoda and Where did it come from? While it is possible to answer both of these questions, neither can … Read full article

Magic Pad Review: Fun Light Up Tracing Board

Parent want to find and purchase toys and gifts for their young children that are both fun and help them to develop the necessary skills to give them a good start on their educational development. Ontel’s Magic Pad Light Up Drawing Board gives parents what they are looking for with … Read full article

Dream Tent Review: As Seen On TV Pop Up Tent

Young children love having their own special place that they feel is their very own. However, not all families can provide their child with their own room or play house. However, thanks to Ontel and their dream tents line, your child can have their own private little tent where they … Read full article